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20 Sep

Late Night Sushi, 09-20-2012 - Mitt Romney, America's 47 Percent, Avoiding a Blackout of the Miami Dolphins in Week Three and Arguing Whether or Not Tim Tebow's Real Last Name is Kardashian

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It's Thursday here at Bottlenose Blogging, which means two things:  First, I'm having sushi late tonight while writing this entry (and matching it with Leinenkugel's own version of Oktoberfest beer, which suggests I'm feeling overzealous in my internationality today and, consequently, am going to end up with some Japanese-German mash-up of Montezuma's Revenge), and, second, the Miami Dolphins, despite a strong showing at home last week, still can't manage to sell enough tickets to this coming weekend's match up in which they host the New York Jets to prevent the game from being blacked out locally.

Consider that a shot over your proverbial bow, Dolphins' fans living in South Florida – I understand times are hard, but, if worse comes to worse, don't' be the 47 percent of Americans waiting for a handout; just do what Mitt Romney says and borrow the money for tickets from your parents.

You have until the end of Friday, by the way – you know, because the NFL was kind enough to provide the Dolphins an extension on selling the 85 percent of non-premium tickets needed to televise a game locally under the league's newly revised blackout policy.

Do it and do it now – otherwise, you just might find yourself wondering whether Miami wide receiver Brian Hartline is right in suggesting that given the constant media attention heaped upon Jets' backup quarterback Tim Tebow, he might very well be an extended member of the Kardashian family. ("They're on [magazine covers everywhere. I mean, honestly.  I know they're really good people, do a lot of charity work.  I just don't know how they got started.")

On to other news:

The Sun Sentinel reports Thursday linebacker Kevin Burnett was held out of practice due to an undisclosed injury, and though he was seen working off to the side with a trainer, he was wearing a bandage on his right leg and walking with a noticeable limp.  Should the veteran be unable to play against the Jets on Sunday, expectations are that Jason Trusnik or Austin Spitler will start in his place – which is reassuring (read with sarcasm) given that between the two of them, only Trusnik has accounted for any tackles so far this season – a whopping total of two.

Get this:  With 241 yards total rushing in games against the Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders, Miami tailback Reggie Bush now ranks second to only Buffalo's C.J. Spiller as the NFL's most productive running back.  Helping him to reach that point, notes the Wall Street Journal (I thought you only wrapped fish, not rapped Fish, in the WSJ!), is a six-yard per carry average.

Tell me if you've heard THIS one before.  A mere week after resigning him to the team, the Miami Dolphins have once again abruptly ended their relationship with defensive tackle Ryan Baker. Just another chapter in a now-four year saga.  

A position to watch closely in Sunday's game with the Jets is cornerback, which, according to a separate Sun Sentinel article, was apparently playing thin last week against Oakland due to a hip injury suffered during the first half by Sean Smith and Richard Marshall being pulled from the game in the second quarter because of a hurt back. That, notes the Sentinel, left Miami "playing a lot of zone coverage" with Nolan Carroll along the boundary and converted safety Jimmy Wilson at the nickel spot.  Carroll and Wilson, all said and done, played well in transition, but Miami's linebackers and safeties got left in a lurch playing out of place in zone defense, surrendering 217 of Oakland quarterback Carson Palmer's total 373 passing yards on the days to Raiders' tight ends Brandon Myers and David Ausberry and tailback Mike Goodson.

Comments (much kinder than Week One, wouldn't you agree?) from voters involved in the AP Pro32 poll, which found the Dolphins moving from No. 31 / 32 to No. 26 overall after this weekend's win over Oaklland. (Quotes provided by The State Journal)

Chris Berman (ESPN, 29) -- On the board.

Clifton Brown (Sporting News, 24) -- Reggie Bush is gaining respect and gaining tough yards.

Cris Collinsworth (NBC Sports, 23) -- Breakout game for Reggie Bush.

Rich Gannon (CBS Sports/SiriusXM NFL Radio, 28) -- Reggie Bush has rushed for 100 yards or more in five of his last six games after doing it just twice in his first 71 games.

Bob Glauber (Newsday, 27) -- Reggie Bush shows he's still got it with a dominating performance against the Raiders. The former No. 2 overall pick rushes for 172 yards and two TDs as Miami embarrasses the Raiders in a home win.

Rick Gosselin (Dallas Morning News, 26) -- No team was as good or as bad as it looked on the opening weekend. The Dolphins are an example of that.

Clark Judge (, 26) -- Reggie Bush hasn't looked this good since he held up a Heisman. I don't know if the Dolphins are improved or just looked good vs. a bad Oakland team. It doesn't matter. They're 1-1.

Ira Kaufman (Tampa Tribune, 24) -- While others wilt, Reggie Bush is thriving in the heat.

Pat Kirwan (SiriusXM NFL Radio/, 26) -- Reggie Bush went from saying he wanted to lead the league in rushing to serving notice that he meant it. As long as Tannehill gets big days from Reggie and the defense he should be able to do his part.

John Lynch (Fox Sports, 29) -- I guess they didn't like being in that last spot and did something about it.

Alex Marvez (, 27) -- After a rough year personally and professionally, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin deserved a break. He got one -- and the game ball -- with Sunday's 35-13 blowout of Oakland.

Dan Pompei (Chicago Tribune, 28) -- They really didn't want the first pick in the draft anyway.